Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yes, it was supposed to be bigger.
Last night while I was watching the World Series, I decided that it was probably just big enough. I was caught up in the neatening that takes place before I go somewhere. My babysitter is not a knitter and probably doesn't understand all the needles and string laying here and there.

So I determined two things:
1. It's a hat for a children's hospital. There should be a lot of heads through there. It will work for someone.
2. Baseball is so much better with DVR. So many things are! I watched most of the game in less than an hour. (When the Rangers got all out of whack, it was much easier. I'm not a professional baseball fan, but I live in Benton and Cliff Lee is big there. And I met him once. I think I did. People, I am telling you: my brother knows everyone. Of course, at the time I had no idea who a Cliff Lee was. That was before I saw his picture up over the ballpark and before I saw his uniform hanging at the dealership where I get my oil changed. And he pays for cleats or something for the high school team. I've heard that story many times because my nephew wears some ungodly size shoe and it's remarked upon every season. So I watched him pitch. And then it went all wrong. And also I remembered seeing a video with Josh Hamilton telling his story. It was an "I am second" video. At the time, I had no idea who Josh Hamilton is. And then the Rangers lost big time. So now I'm all gung ho for the undedog. You know?)

If you want to see who Josh Hamilton is (other than a Texas Ranger), here's a video:

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