Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tractor Wheels to Nice, Sensible Shoes

Y'all remember when we went down yonder to the WalMart's to have a cookbook signed by The Pioneer Woman? (Something about referencing an event at WalMart makes me talk that way. Sorry.) It was sort of a highlight. Pioneer Woman was there. Marlboro Man was there. We were there. And the hordes behind us, too. Well, one of us is a Pretty Big Fan. She was first and now we're converted.

And today's her birthday, a big one, with a zero and everything. And around here, that means your cubby is all decorated up. So our theme is Tractor Wheels & Black Heels, a reverse of Pioneer Woman, because Lisa started out in Piggott, Arkansas (current population-3,412 and our mid-point travel destination on our way to Paducah, Kentucky...just in case you were wondering), and has landed in the bustling and urbane metropolis that is Little Rock.

See the wall? It looks like the PW site. Clever, right? And all the photos and descriptions contain what you can call "inside jokes" because we think they are hi-lar-i-ous.

How much fun are birthdays??? See the black heels? We're going to have Lisa put them on later and parade around the second floor (uh, no, we are not. The violence that would require would totally ruin the celebration. We'll just leave 'em hanging right there...) Maybe she could just whip up a little breakfast instead...probably not.

Happy birthday, Lisa! If you've purchased a Leisure Arts quilting title, you've probably already appreciated how much Lisa does around here. Those of us lucky enough to work with her certainly do!

Oh, and all pictures are courtesy of iPhone. I Heart iPhone. No matter the picture quality, we are connected at a very deep level.

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