Friday, March 18, 2011

So what are you doing this weekend?

Remember when I used to do more than watch television and work? Yeah, I do too. Vaguely. I would tromp around in state parks and gardens and such and take pictures. I loved that. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a pretty prime day for a little of that so I'm thinking about doing a little...if I can find my camera.

My current planned destination: the Jonquil Festival at Old Washington State Park. It's a place with old buildings, actors in costumes, and I love those places. And when I was a young whippersnapper, I went to college not too far down the road. And the single elective Home Ec class led me to Old Washington. We were invited to decorate the gym for a function but we could only use historical pieces. As I recall, that meant lots and lots of quilts. I really wish I had taken a photo but you just don't think at 21 that someday quilts will loom large in your day to day to work and back life. You just sign up to take a fun class which features drafting a design for your dream home and decorating it by judicious study of the color wheel and all its schemes. It was a fun class. My best friend and I took it together and it was taught by a very tiny little lady who showed us videos which said "Most Georgians are large and made of brick" and having never met anyone from Georgia, we would snicker...tee hee. If we'd known any real live Georgians at the time, we would have teased in such a manner as to be funny to no one but us. As it was, we would crack ourselves up occasionally by throwing out the line. (Georgians, not necessarily large and certainly not made of brick... architecture, yes, people, no. And it really disturbs me a bit that this sticks out in the limited spaces of my memory the way that it does.) She was also the one who, after seeing a photo of a baby flash, said, "That baby's just u-g-l-y" in a drawl and tone so sweet that you could also hear "Bless his heart" even though she didn't say it out loud.

I really wouldn't mind a drive down that direction.
If I can find my camera.

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