Thursday, May 26, 2011

Countdown to NYC

So I realized in about a month, I'll be in New York for the first (possibly last) time. I have a lot to do by then.
1. Get in shape. Given my long list of phobias, I need to be able to walk for miles and miles and miles.
2. Lose weight. These two work together.
3. Write about 5 million words to get to 50,000 that work.
4. Learn how to ride the subway.
5. Learn how to hail a cab.
6. Hit the lottery.
7. Determine how many sites and experiences I'm going to try to cram into a few days. Museum of Natural History, Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park...these I think I can get done. What else? Statue of Liberty...not sure I can get there. Purl Soho? Somehow that's higher on my list than other things. Macy's? Also possible.
8. Choose a Broadway show and purchase tickets. Yes, I'm going to buy one show ahead and then maybe think about trying the discount tickets for a second show. This is what the line at the booth looks like. Already I quake. What do you think? How to Succeed at Business to see Daniel Radcliffe? Wicked if you can get even full price tickets? Sister Act? Chicago? Phantom? Rock of Ages won't be running then...Ideas?
9. Find some good shoes.
10. Worry about Jack, cuddle Jack, and freak out once a day for approximately one month.

Somehow, I'm tired already.


Nancy said...

Oh..I am so jealous!! New York is on my bucket list at NUMBER ONE!! To see a show is number 2...

linda lum debono said...

Hey Cheryl,
I just read that you're coming this way. If you need a guide, let me know. You should visit Tinsel Trading, Habu [Japanese knitting], Kunikunya Bookstore [Japanese craft books in the bassement], Purl Soho and Balthazar bakery nearby! I took Carrie Nelson around when we visited the Red and White show and she loved it all!
Best, Linda

linda lum debono said...

Oh, you can get half price Broadway tickets at that booth but go to the one at South Seaport. There's usually no line-up. Check to see that it's still there though. It's been a long while since I've been there.