Thursday, July 07, 2011

Day 2, Museum of Natural History

So after a night of "ow, ow, owie, ow" with every pitiful step I took, I got up early the next day to head to the American Museum of Natural History via the "hop on, hop off" uptown bus tour. Since we were there about an hour before it opened I tiptoed down a path or two in Central Park before I thought better of using any remaining energy I might have. Then I went and camped out on the steps to wait. And I started a conversation with the closest neighbors I could find, identified by a University of Kentucky hat. No, that's nowhere near home. And under other circumstances, like anytime the Razorbacks are playing basketball, voluntarily beginning such a conversation could be considered grounds for treason. Still, it was nice to find someone who was as interested in finding the Easter Island head from the movie, The Night at the Museum. I found it first and considered it the jewel in the crown. I did manage to walk the whole place, but might be able to do better with either a day of rest or a motorized conveyance of some sort. I did enjoy myself thoroughly and that's what really matters. And as I trailed a tour for a bit: that movie was actually set built using ideas and items from different museums so nothing looked really like it should (from the movie). Still, it was a great time.


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