Monday, August 29, 2011

Class 2: DONE. Homework pays off.

I know you may or may not care about Jack's progress, but it's a fairly big deal right now in my life, mainly surviving the heat, so there you go. Somehow, when it isn't breathing down Jack's neck, the Poodle of Unusual Size looks more normal in size.  It did, however, get in a shouting match with a muscular Doberman at the beginning so I don't think this poodle is a pushover. I don't know the poodle's name. I'm guessing something like Friederich. In this class, there's a Maile, a Rafa, a Sasha...and a Max, a Jack, and a Duke.

This was how we ended the class. It was basically a test to see if your dog will come when it's called. Helper holds the dog while you walk to the end of the lead. Then the helper lets go and you call. Your dog either a. comes b. makes a run for it or c. sits, terrified. B and C choices have to be reeled in.

Jack did exactly as he should. And I was soooo happy! He had previously been an example twice of what not to do, but all our homework last week paid off. This week's homework: the sit-stay.

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