Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Single sock syndrome defeated

So in a rare spurt of industriousness (brought on by having a bit of time off), I went in search of knitting needles and yarn this weekend. I was going to make a hat for our Arkansas Children's Hospital collection.

To do so, I opened up the frightening stash closet which currently houses all of my yarn, all of my fabric, and all of my massive collection of tote bags, many of them holding incomplete projects.

As these things do, an avalanche began and I had to stem the flow with one hand while I threw things back in the closet willy-nilly. As I was fighting for my life, my hand landed on this very neatly packaged project in a Ziploc. It held yarn, all the double pointed needles, a measuring tape, a yarn needle and some extra yarn to use as a stitch holder. I'd even put in scissors.

It was meant to be.

If you've been around, this photo will look familiar. Waaaay back on March 1, 2010, I posted a photo of a single completed sock. I started it along with the Olympics and the Yarn Harlot's stitch-along plan. I completed one. And then I packed it neatly away. That single completed sock was also a part of the package I pulled from the stash closet.

I had already done the 6 rows of ribbing on Sock 2, so the hard part of getting the wonky needles all set up was done.

So this weekend, I knitted the cuff. And Sunday I made it to the heel to determine...I had forgotten how to purl. O.M.G. I had to put it away. With a new look last night, I pulled the "how to purl" from the deep, dark recesses of my brain.

It was scary. Since I don't know if knitting is like riding a bicycle or even if riding a bicycle is like riding a bicycle in that it's easy to pick back up, I just need to knit more. Jack is very interested in knitting needles but he loves chewing yarn so I'm going to have to be strategic with the knitting. That doesn't make me optimistic about finishing a lot of projects, but these socks seem to be flying along. Once I make it past the heel, it's just a quick knitting storm to the toe. I should have a pair complete by October...2012.

Not a sock knitter? Check out I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks, which is the how-to instruction you need to get started. I'm adding Look for Knit Baby Hat Leaflets and Look for Knit Sock Leaflets to my list of things to do because I expect to be on a knitting roll now.

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Sheryl said...

I can totally relate - with it all; from the chaos of the stash, to organization in a bag, and the euphoria of potential completed project. Enjoy!