Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So I've been blogging a long time, most of it for my own amusement (and my audience of 5 friends/coworkers who can be counted on to stick with me through endless days of dog posts) only.

Yesterday I hit a landmark, a number of visitors that in the early days (and possibly even last week) that I thought might never come.

But it did. 50,000 visits. I suspect that the same 25 people a lot of different times but that's okay. I value loyalty and consider that 25 the kind of friends you want to have around: they like crafts and dogs or maybe one but can tolerate the other.

Thanks for dropping in. I really appreciate it.


Elizabeth Ann said...

We do enjoy your writings and I think this winter you will enjoy your new socks! We love hand knitted socks in this house - even the husband (took a week to get him to try a pair on, you know how that is, once they get them on won't take them off). I am betting when you get yours done and on your feet you will run right down and buy some more yarn!

JustCindy said...

I love visiting your blog and hearing about you and Jack and all the things ya'll do.

n7lqk said...

I am a lurker, but I have enjoyed reading about Jack. My grandmother flunked out of obedience school. The dog graduated, but Grandma was told that she was too nice and that too succeed, someone else had to start bringing the dog.