Thursday, September 01, 2011

Oh, Pinterest

So I've had an invitation to join Pinterest for some time. And then I finally did but I didn't do anything with it. And then I had a conversation with someone yesterday who wanted an invitation but didn't have one and I could totally invite them so I did. But I still didn't have any pins.

Why did I ask for an invitation in the first place? All the cool kids were doing it. That's all it takes for me. Yes, still.

Here's the problem: I'm not sure I understand Pinterest, pinning, boards, or what we're really doing there.
On the bright side, I hardly ever let that stop me.
Yesterday I decided I better get some pins up on my boards so I skulked a bit, checking out the boards of people I knew like Cindy and Pat Sloan, people I trust. And then I looked at the tastemakers.

And then I started pinning willy nilly. The quotes and words and graphics were my favorite, but I think I did use it once correctly. I pinned a shawl photo to my craft page because I'd like to make it someday (which is weird because I'm not a shawl person). Now I won't forget!

And that was one entire night of my life...gone. Just like that.

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JustCindy said...

Do you really think I could ever do all the things I've pinned? hahahahaha I can't stop going there. ;)