Friday, September 02, 2011

National Sewing Month

First, we should get this out of the way:

It is ALREADY September.

I know. It's a shock. And it still feels like the harsh depths of August around here, but the turn of the calendar page means relief has just got to be on the way. Never mind about the heat, right?

It's time to sew something.

I have a couple of projects in mind. What are you working on? I'm going to sally forth into the nightmare stash closet to see what I can stir up this weekend. There will be some rotary cutting going on in September (but probably not on a quilt. Short attention span and all... plus, there's the second sock that's already been languishing for more than a year and dog homework to do.)

My own rule: no new purchases although I would really like to use some trimmy something and I'm going to neeeeeeed buttons because I like buttons...No, only stash. I mean it. Must use stash. That's why I have it. Right?

sally: rush or leap forth suddenly. I only do this on very rare occasions.

Check back this weekend. I'm going to post a video of Jack "Thirty Pounds of Sugar" Johnson doing his rendition of Down. The dog has style. He needed a new nickname. I thought of that last night when I was trying to read my book with a dog sprawled on top of me. Literally.

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