Thursday, November 03, 2011

Quilt Market 2011: Artist Village in fabric

I mentioned my sprint through the quilts. Did I mention screeching to a halt in front of this cute little village of houses built of fabric? I could have spent a lot more time absorbing the details of this village built. I would also probably have gotten to know a quilt angel and possibly a security guard very well because I wanted to pick up the houses. I didn't! I promise, but I did want to see the fronts better. I blame the missing dollhouse of my childhood or fond memories of my Barbie Dreamhouse or maybe my disappointment at having neither the space nor the dollars for an over-the-top Christmas village with a train running through it. Oh, and also...I just love fabric.

The village was built by Kathy York, Jane Davila, Judy Perez, Leslie Jenison, Jamie Fingal, Connie Hudson, Sherri McCauley, Barb Forrister, Naomi Adams, Laura Wasilowski, Freida Anderson, Melanie Testa, Frances Holliday Alford, Susan Else, Lisa Call, Pamela Allen, and Vickie Hallmark.

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