Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Why Jack can't have nice things

This is a Nylabone. This is not some flimsy plastic dog toy that you might pick up for a steal. This is the good stuff. This is Jack's third one. We've now known each other for almost 8 months. Darcy had one that lasted the first half of her life until I tossed it after finally understanding that she had zero interest in powerful chewing of that sort.

On Saturday, Jack had a big day. I loaded him in the car and drove him to the library where I dropped off books, then to the park for his walk, and then to PetSmart to have his picture made with Santa (and that's not even the dog-craziest thing I've done in the past week, so there.) After all that, I bought him a new Nylabone. And I came home yesterday to find this. So the life of this bone, the one for powerful-chewing medium sized dogs, lasted less than 3 days.

He's also destroyed a Kong Wubba (fuzzy, squeaky with long "legs" that he can force me to play tug of war with) so I bought him one bigger than his head. So far, so good. In the future, I'm gong to make that a requirement. Is it bigger than Jack's head? Yes. Okay, let's give it a try.

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Mishka said...

Hi Cheryl,
Pat sent me over to read about Jack. He's a sweetie. I have a puppy and we've just started kindergarten last night. He's 3 months old and full of spunk, energy and sass too. You can see him here: